Deborah Abrahams

Coaching and consultancy for talks, pitches and presentations

I help speakers shape their ideas into powerful words and deliver them so they make the impact they deserve. Because people who give good presentations know they can be even better.


My services

I provide:

  • individual coaching
  • support for events with multiple speakers
  • workshops for groups, companies, organisations 

For event organisers

I can take responsibility for coordinating and preparing the speakers for any kind of event with talks or presentations, from a TEDx to a corporate conference (see projects). 

A good way to gain an impression of how much difference I can make is to look through the many recommendations from my clients in testimonials.

I can support you in mounting a smooth-running and compelling event by:

  • Coaching the individual speakers to optimise their contribution (see ‘For speakers’ on this page);
  • Ensuring that the content and timing of the talks meet your brief;
  • Maintaining an overview of all the speakers to create a coherent whole on a theme;
  • Advising on the choice of speakers, the order of appearance, and the design of the event.


For individuals

I can lift your pitch, presentation or talk to a higher level by working with your personal strengths. I’ll help you find or refine the style of storytelling that suits you and your talk best, without imposing a generic method. And I’ll challenge you to be better than you’ve ever been before.

The recommendations in testimonials give an impression of how the process feels from the speaker’s point of view.

The process will be tailor made, but this is a typical roadmap:

  • In a first interview, we’ll pinpoint your message and identify the strongest way to tell your story. I’ll listen carefully and reflect back to you a clarified and organised version of what you tell me. By the end you’ll have the framework and key content laid out ready for you to develop your talk.
  • You’ll send me a first draft or outline of your talk, and I’ll return it with suggestions on storytelling and structure. Then in a second meeting you’ll try out the talk and I’ll give feedback. I’ll advise on visuals. By the end, you’ll feel ready to refine and practise your talk on your own.
  • In a live session we’ll rehearse the talk together. We’ll work on whatever is needed – from delivery and timing to non-verbal communication. Most importantly, I’ll help you stay true to yourself – that’s how you’ll best connect with your audience.

Each stage can be expanded or contracted to suit your needs. The first two stages can be on Skype.


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