Deborah Abrahams

Coaching and consultancy for talks, pitches and presentations

I help speakers shape their ideas into powerful words and deliver them so they make the impact they deserve. Because people who give good presentations know they can be even better.


What I do

I act as a consultant for content and a director for delivery for pitches, presentations, and any other kind of public speaking. I work with individuals on specific assignments, and I also offer group workshops. For an impression of just how much impact my work can make, please look through the many recommendations in testimonials.

As a consultant...

I work closely with public speakers to help them pinpoint the core of their speech or presentation: what’s the big idea?

I help speakers crystallise and structure their thoughts to ensure the audience follows their logic and receives the message they actually want to convey.

I can also advise on the right choice of visuals to back up the message.

As a director...

I help speakers improve their presentation skills and communicate with maximum impact.

I look closely at the individual, tune in to their personality and build on their strengths.

My approach is to identify what is good and point the way to make it excellent.

My clients are individuals, companies or event organisers.

I offer

  • one-on-one coaching and masterclasses
  • tailor-made pitch or presentation workshops for groups
  • support for event organisers

English is my speciality, Dutch is my second language – I'm at home coaching or training in either language.

Online coaching via Skype is a valuable tool I use to complement live meetings or replace them if they are impractical.

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