Deborah Abrahams

Coaching and consultancy for talks, pitches and presentations

I help speakers shape their ideas into powerful words and deliver them so they make the impact they deserve. Because people who give good presentations know they can be even better.

In my element

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Welcome to my new website.

We all like to stay in our comfort zone. But sometimes in life you need to ask yourself, isn’t it time to take on fresh challenges? Time to set off on a journey up a steep and unfamiliar path?

In my case the answer to this question is a firm ‘nope’. This is a walk in the park – I don’t need a map, and I know I can lead the way. It’s comfort zone time. Time to play to my strengths.

For one thing, I love doing this (read more in What I do).

I’ve been coaching people in presentations and talks for years. But up to now it’s always been something that’s flowed naturally out of other work I’ve done – theatre direction, intercultural communication, language training (read more in About me).

Yet whenever I do it, I know I’m in my element, and I get such overwhelmingly positive responses and results that I’m left wondering why I don’t give it a clearer focus.

My experience coaching the speakers for TEDxHagueAcademy (read more in Testimonials and Projects) hammered the message home: it’s time I created a proper platform for myself as a speaker’s coach. Hence the launch of

I’m so confident in my ability to improve speakers, for the first client to book me directly through this website I’m offering a money-back guarantee and a free getaway weekend for two. Well, OK, on second thoughts... when it comes to marketing strategy, I’m still working on it. But if it’s a speaker’s coach you’re after, I can take you where you need to go. This way please, follow me.

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